• Marine Le Pen on 'Nobody Knows Me' Video Interlude

    Madonna - MDNA Tour - Marine Le Pen Controversy

    Last Thursday, Madonna launched her new World Tour in Tel Aviv Israel. Fans recordings from this evening enable people around the world to see the video Madonna made for the Interlude based on "Nobody Knows Me" song. During this interlude, a lot of internationally known politics or religious figures appears. Madonna's message is to fight against all ideologies that encourage wars, discrimations, hatred between people from different languages, different cultures, different colors of skin, different ways of living, different religions... This way, Madonna decided to include pictures of french F.N. leader Marine Le Pen in the video, with the swastika on the front.

    In France, the controversy around this is bigger and bigger each day, with huge reactions from the concerned persons : Marine Le Pen herself, is old retired holocaust-denier father Jean-Marie Le Pen (farmer F.N. leader) and others F.N. mains figures :

    "If [Madonna] tires that in France, we will be waiting her to pounce" (Marine Le Pen)
    "By the way, did she give back the africans babies she had stole, or did she finally buy them ?" (Marine Le Pen)
    "Madonna is an old singer. She does not know what to do more to hit and make peoplle talk about her.... because her music is not good anymore" (Marine Le Pen)
    "Madonna is an old singer back in business. She's not what she was anymore. I was used to like her, but now I have lost a little bit of respect for her." (Louis Aliot, FN vice-leader and Marine Le Pen husband)
    "I've seen the great show of Miss. Madonna, this singer who became famous by throwing her panties directly in Jacques Chirac hands... Marine Le Pen appears in this multi-millions dollars show with a swastika on the front and the famous Hitler's mustache. We are going to sue Madonna and asking for one million dollars" (Jean-Marie Le Pen)

    Internationnaly, a lot of  medias render thanks to Madonna for having theboldness to continue on making shocking and controversy pop music and on pinpointing there where it hurt. Here is an excerpt from "The Guardian" (UK) :

    "The FN is a regressive, divisive party that offers nothing to a modern, forward-thinking republic except for historically discredited dogma. An international popstar with the ability to entertain and shock across borders was exactly the right person to instigate global debate on Le Pen and what she represents. Whether Madonna will do the same when she performs in Paris and Nice later this summer only she knows, but plenty of decent people around the world, including many in France, hope that she will."


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